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— Your one-stop shop for holographic solutions. We provide holographic hardware, custom made mounts, holographic content, and future safe innovative software solutions.

„Thanks for sharing this with me – looks very exciting. The video is perfect for Hypervsn.”

— Kiryl (founder of HyperVSN) about Holocrew

What is HyperVSN?

HyperVSN produces holographic visuals of epic proportions with a resolution of up to 4K. The HyperVSN device displays eye-catching 3D content using four rotating LED-based rays. This creates the impression of a hologram floating in mid-air of virtually any size and configuration.

Why HyperVSN?

HyperVSN is the world’s first integrated 3D Holographic display solution proven to

Raise awareness Enhance branding Increase sales

Interesting Facts about HyperVSN

HyperVSN, founded in 2012 and initially backed by Sir Richard Branson, has recently attracted additional investment from Mark Cuban, among others.

HyperVSN has raised a total of $11.5M in funding.

  • Generates high-definition 3D visuals & videos
  • Supports 16M+ colors for digital excellence
  • Compact, lightweight & portable (2.8kg)
  • Simple device installation & dismantling
  • Safe & secure for audience members
  • Below European standards for office noise
  • Made in Ireland

How much does it cost?


Per Hardware Unit / Device

1.990 Euro

CMS Software License – 12 month

540 Euro

Initial 3D Content – Basic starting from

990 Euro

HoloMount – starting from

475 Euro

Total 3D Hologram Experience for only

3.995 Euro

MasterBox – If you order more than one device an additional single MasterBox is needed to synchronize all devices together with a customized HoloMount.

899 Euro

HoloMount 4 Devices – 4 x 1 or 2 x 2 = 1m² HoloSpace

1.545 Euro

Rental options are available upon request. The prices exclude shipment, installation, customs fees, VAT and other local fees and taxes.


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Holocrew is a cooperation between:

Network Ventures

A team of interdisciplinary experts (Yours truly)


Pioneer in the 3D holographic space


A team of advertising technology professionals

SMG Management & Trading

A team specialized in exceptional media technologies like transparent LED Walls, Holograms, Video Walls, Digital Signage and Digital POS Marketing