Launching rockets like others fire their barbecues.

Network Ventures is a venture builder cooperative based in Austria. We transform ideas into full grown businesses. It's great that you are here: Let us fly rockets together. Plus barbecue.

Network Ventures makes (your) ideas work.

„Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged.” — Thomas Edison

We are a bunch of people who have ideas all the time and have developed some of them into great businesses. But we also know the feeling of get stuck and discouraged. That’s why we teamed up and found Network Ventures. To make ideas turn into reality. From scattered lone wolves with their own limited network, we have developed into a strong, trustworthy community of experts. Like an entrepreneurial wolfpack.

So now we are talking about rocket flying wolves who are also doing barbecues? Yes kind of. We are helping people with ideas to make them work and build them into sustainable businesses. We are expanding our network and develop great products the world didn’t know they can’t live without. But, most important, we have fun working together in a great team of positive people.

We know we have a much greater chance of being successful together than alone. As Thomas Edison rightly says in the quote at the beginning of this text: It's not the time to become discouraged.



Easy & Safe Agreements

Network Ventures are members and partners.

— Our wolfpack consists of members and partners. To make sure every project turns out as a success we need a lot of motivated and experienced people working together as a team. For us as a cooperative our members and partners are key to everything. So onboarding of new people is one of the most important parts for us at Network Ventures. Projects come and go, but our members and partners are here to stay.

Become a member.

So you wanna join the pack? Just get in touch. We love to hear more about you and your ideas. Don’t be afraid, because although we are a wolfpack we have not bitten anyone. Yet.

Become a partner.

You wanna have access to fresh ideas and a motivated group of passionate entrepreneurs. Feel free to get in touch and let’s start some rockets together. Barbecue invitation included.

Hello, I've got a project.

You already have an idea and wanna move out from the living room or garage but don’t know how or you need some special expertise? Hit the button below and let us see what you got.

Submit your project

We assemble the right experts to screen your project and let you know if you have the next unicorn on the leash or if you're only riding a pony yet and we need to spark it up a little. We can help with all steps of development from business plan, design, prototyping, marketing strategy to market launch, social media marketing, advertising through to an exit (if you fancy this step).

Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? We are quite sure it is.