Better together – we are members.

— Members are the people who approach us with ideas and build teams to make these ideas happen. Our members are the core group and greatest asset of Network Ventures.

That’s why we decided to make Network Ventures a cooperative. We want people to get involved not only in projects, but also in the development of the bigger picture. As a member you are involved in all big decisions we have to make as a cooperative.

Questions like: What should happen to the profit we make? Rent some office space? Invest in a new venture? Buy equipment like a 3D printer for making prototypes. Buy a company helicopter? Joking aside, members have a vote in all big decisions of the cooperative.

Cool, I maybe want to join Network Ventures.

That's great news. Let's get together and sort everything out.

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Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

The active members who help fly rockets.

Michael BaumgartnerFounder, BoardBusiness DevelopmentTreetop Baumgartner Karbon OGEmail
Thomas WannerFounder, BoardSoftware DevelopmentTransporter Werbeagentur OGEmail
Robert WittingBoardFinancial DevelopmentEmail
Rainer FabriziFounder, CoreDesign and WebTransporter Werbeagentur OGEmail
Christoph ThalerFounder, CoreBusiness DevelopmentEmail

... who's missing from this list? You?